Temporal Forces Jackpot 3 Pack Bundle (BOUNTY)

Temporal Forces Jackpot 3 Pack Bundle (BOUNTY)

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IMPORTANT : Please include your Twitch user name in the NOTES section BEFORE check out! Thank you!


What are the 'bounty' cards?

-Bounty cards = Gouging Fire SIR, Walking Wake SIR and Raging Bolt SIR!
-For every pack purchased .50 cents will be added to the bounty pot.

What happens when ANY of the 3 cards listed above get pulled?

-The FIRST person to pull 1 of the 3 bounty cards will get 5 spots on the wheel to win the final jackpot/bounty pot!
-EX: If you are the first person to pull the Gouging Fire SIR, you will get 5 spots on the wheel to win the final pot.
If you pull the Gouging Fire SIR again (or someone else does), you/they will get 2 spots on the wheel!

-The only way to get 5 spots on the wheel is to be the first person to pull said card. All pulls of the same card will only get you 2 spots for the final wheel!

Do I get to keep my cards if I don't pull one of the 3 bounty cards?


How does the bounty/jackpot end?

-Once all 3 cards (Gouging Fire SIR, Walking Wake SIR and Raging Bolt SIR) are pulled, all wheel entries will be put on the wheel and the pot will be divided between 2 individual people!
The wheel will be spun twice and the first two people chosen will split the pot 50/50!
**Note : It has to be 2 different people, one person can not win both wheel spins**

A personal break is when you purchase a physical pack(s) to be opened by me on my live stream for you to watch!! (Twitch.Tv/Daylights)

With personal breaks, you are able to keep the cards that are opened from your purchased packs! (You can choose what hits/holos/reverse holos or extra cards you would like -- I CAN ship bulk but it may cost you extra for shipping, ask me to check your bag(s) and I can let you know if it will or won't! <3

*Cards are not shipped out until you buy the 'Ship my stuff' from the store on the top of the website, I can hold them as long as you want*

Once you compete your purchase, you agree that you have read this entire listing, details and how the break/shipping works. You also agree and understand there are no returns and/or refunds once I have started your break!

HAVE A QUESTION? Feel free to shoot me a DM on my DiscordTwitter or ask me in my Twitch chat before you purchase anything! My ultimate goal is to make sure that you are satisfied with your purchase!